About AirFi

AirFi is a wireless entertainment platform with its own mobile devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops) and contains a wide range of media options for both adults and children, such as news, press articles, movies, music, games, chat with other passengers, etc. At the same time, passengers have the opportunity to express their opinion on the services offered by completing a feedback form.

To be able to access the AirFi platform, passengers must have the airplane equipment and any browser to connect to Wi-Fi.

Why AirFi?

  • Low Cost solution: This solution does not require additional certifications and is easy to implement in the aircraft system
  • Flexible and cost-effective: This solution is easy to use. Content and creatives can be updated daily based on statistics
  • Sales: The solution proposed by our company is ideal for digital ads, on-board sales, movie viewing, games, etc.

The solution proposed by us has already been implemented in 50+ clients, and is applicable to more than 800 aircraft

Content of AIRFI solution

  • Company’s own content (offers, news, etc.)
  • Sports channel
  • Games
  • Music channel
  • Movies
  • newspapers
  • Social media
  • AR / VR
  • Interactive map
  • Movies