People Counter

The people counter system provided by our company monitors the flow of people and provides analytical support for business decision-making.

Optimize location traffic and marketing strategies to increase conversion rate and profit

By counting the number of people will help you make informed business decisions. No matter where you are implementing it, it will help you see the overall picture of what’s happening and the impact made by your business.

People Counter | Video analysis

Of all the people counter methods, video analysis is the highest performing, providing an accuracy of over 98%.

People Counter | How it works?

This type of system uses images taken from surveillance cameras located above the access points in a designated monitoring area. They analyze the video and count the number of people who transit through the area. After that, the software generates various reports and charts on time slots, days of the week, etc.

People counter Systems can be connected to the network and accessed remotely. A personal flow meter system can be linked to multiple locations, thus comparative analyzes can be performed between them, location reports, or location aggregates.

This system is not strictly limited to counting people, the solution can be applied very well with the following applicability:

  • Counting cars
  • Queue monitoring
  • Heat Map
  • etc.

People counter flow systems prove to be extremely useful because of the benefits they bring:

  • Sharing the profile of consumers visiting a commercial area
  • Provides key data in order to optimize the number of employees by reporting the number of customers / visitors
  • Measuring the real impact of your advertising campaigns, determining:
    • Attractiveness rate, or increase the number of visitors as a result of a campaign
    • Conversion rate, or increase the number of visitors who decide to buy as a result of a campaign
  • Estimate the average duration of visits to existing and potential customers
  • Establish areas in the store with the greatest flow of customers

People Counter | Applicability

  • Commercial centers such as malls, commercial galleries and so on
  • Hypermarkets and supermarkets
  • Pharmacies
  • Gas stations
  • Markets
  • Fast foods and restaurants chains
  • Financial institutions
  • Show rooms
  • Stations (rail, subway public transport)
  • cultural institutions (theaters, cinemas, museums)
  • Learning institutions (university, University campuses, high schools and so on)
  • Medical institutions

Audience analysis systems

Audience analysis systems use images from a surveillance camera mounted under the studied objective (a poster, an ad display, a painting in a museum, etc.) in order to report the number of viewers, average viewing time, viewers’ hourly intervals, days, etc.

The system is based on an advanced software that performs intelligent images analysis to detect, recognize and analyze objects and events in a mathematical way using digital video technology.

Interactive display systems

Interactive display solutions typically incorporate a video projection system and a surveillance cameras or special sensors system. The cameras and respectively the sensors, record the movements of the persons interacting with the display surface. After that all the informations are automatically transmitted to the system. Furthermore, the system processes the received information and orders the projection system to display certain images.

This type of technology is used for various applications, from interactive games and commercials to interactive information systems. These are very attractive to passers-by and have an important role in creating traffic.


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