Nurse Call Systems

Nurse Call systems

The Nurse Call system has emerged from the obvious need in the immediate medical area of competent healthcare staff by the patient present in the medical facility.

Thus patient-frame medical dialogue is possible and completely effective through the Nurse Call solution that we offer to all medical and care centers that have the capacity to accommodate patients.

The main advantages of the Nurse Call Solution are:

  • Rapid intervention of the medical staff and thus avoiding major incidents
  • increasing patient satisfaction and trust in medical staff
  • communication platform specifically designed for hospitals and clinics to improve acoustic and visual alert in case of an emergency
  • reducing response time that allows call management and a high degree of fluidity of communication
  • the existing possibility to integrate the system with the public addressing system (the emergency evacuation message is also sent to the helmets mounted for each patient), telephone (the medical staff is also warned by messages sent by the Nurse Call system to the telephone stations type DECT), CATV (TV control); control of the light in the salon, all from a single device (remote control) mounted to the bed of each patient
  • the existing possibility of extending the system with minimal costs, based on the existing hardware kernel