Marketing solutions in virtual reality


Diamond Technology helps you present your brand or product in the most elegant way possible.

Its large display draws attention to the brand values or products presented. Regardless of where it is, it will inevitably attract everyone’s eyes.

Inspired by the aesthetics of diamonds, this new holographic display raises the product to the top of the art.

Dreamoc Diamond offers visibility through all four sides, this is the largest mixed-reality system ever built, specially designed for events and brand activation in malls, specialty fairs or other traffic locations picked up.


DeepFrame is a revolutionary display that sets new standards in the industry, uniting the virtual world with the real world, making it possible to combine physical and digital elements in real time. Spectators can experience real-life animations of any size and at any distance without the need to wear other VR devices.

DeepFrame enhances the experiences and entertainment beyond imagination and is perfect for museums, exhibition venues or commercial spaces.

DeepFrame transforms our surroundings, creating visual experiences that you and those around you can see, experiment and interact.


Dreamoc HD3 is a three-sided holographic device that helps you attract and delight any audience

Product presentations will look incredible, anywhere, anytime, without the need for specially trained staff. Thus, Dreamoc HD3 is ideal for use in shops, malls, exhibitions or trade fairs.

Present your product in a unique, creative and surprising way

With HD3, your product will be displayed in a unique way, and your presentation will get truly magical valences by combining the real product with exciting 3D holograms.


Dreamoc POP3 addresses primarily to the retail area, where the need to attract attention to products is a must.

Easy to install, with a low price and more functionality than its predecessors, POP3 Dreamoc is the perfect solution for maximum visibility.


Dreamoc XL3 is an ideal solution for retail focal points, hotel lobbies or reception areas.

It is perfect for larger spaces if you want to leave a memorable impression on the passers-by.

It is also an excellent solution for events such as trade fairs and exhibitions, due to the three visible sides and the easy to mount stand.


Dreamoc XXL3 is the largest holographic display in its range, being the perfect choice for large exhibitions, malls, trade shows, product launches and other events.

This 4-sided full-view display impresses audiences and potential customers with original, modern and creative presentations.


This application combines intelligently the image of the product with stunning animated holograms.

Dreamoc Play is available in two versions: one free and one Pro version. Both work similarly, but the Pro version allows you to customize your own design.

You can experience the benefits of Dreamoc Play for free by downloading the app on any iOS device.