Electronic Security System

Security systems for electronic devices

Our priority is to secure your electronic products so your company’s profit is on the rise

Our company offers a wide range of security solutions, having different shapes and sizes, customized according to the needs of the client. All the products we propose meet the highest industry control standards.

Security systems | Wireless protection

Go Digital proposes a last-generation solution that aims to change the prospect of major retailers and manufacturers looking at common security solutions

The wireless solution for securing electronic devices is just a small part of the new product line. Our company offers unique, personalized, competitive solutions that will revolutionize the entire anti-theft protection system.

This solution was designed to provide customers with absolute freedom without being undermined by visible security measures. They can handle the product in any way they want, including going to the next shelf for comparison. Besides this advantage, the proposed solution is connected with a data analysis system, which allows the collection of time and number of interactions with the device.

Security systems | Anti-theft system components

The proposed security system consists of the following components

  • Sensor head
  • The main alarm
  • Homeland security
  • Retractable wire
  • Cloud interface

Security systems | System Features

  • Automatic counting for each lift / interaction with the machine
  • Traceability of date and time of interaction
  • Information on the interaction time with each device and the “bounce rate”

All this information can give you an overview of interest on each product, you will be able to target campaigns to promote products with smaller interactions in a more specific and customized way.

Security systems | Wired protection

All the solutions our company offers are designed to meet customer needs – Wired security solutions can be personalized with the following parameters:

  • Size
  • Form
  • Length
  • Color
  • Configuration

All these combined solutions, sums up about 150 personalized, individual configurations.

We make your customized solution virtually limitless.

Security systems | Cables and connection sources

To complete the solution proposed by our company, in the images below, you can see some of the proposed cable models (Straight, Circular, Double Configuration, etc.)

Almost any configuration possible to secure items such as mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, video games, sports equipment and much more! – Sennco

Security systems | Alarm systems

The Mobile Security Dome is a flexible solution applicable to: Clothes, Rooms, Mobile Phones, Tablets.

Security systems Technical specifications

  • LED alarm system
  • Magnetic dome allows viewing in portrait or landscape
  • Single cable (Power and alarm)
  • Total interaction with the device
  • Additional gates for better security and socket are optional


Do not hesitate to contact us for an offer! If you are not determined, we are sure that we can help you find the best quality / price option!