Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL)

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) – PRICER


Pricer’s electronic shelf labelling solution (ESL) helps you to save time with automatic price updates. It’s more cost-efficient than paper, and improves your customers’ experience with accurate, reliable pricing.

The Price Automation System

How it works

The Pricer solution offers you complete control of your pricing, and eliminates discrepancies between what’s in your point of purchase database and w

hat’s shown to your customers in-store. Every Pricer installation includes the labels, the communications hardware, and the back-end software that communicates with your existing retail systems.


Secure technology

Running on the fastest, most secure infrared technology, you, your staff and customers can rest confident in a system that keeps prices correct and up-to-date. The system takes your database file and transmits it to the relevant price label in-store, wirelessly.

Pricer - software diagram

Reliable hardware & fast software

Pricer uses high-speed transceivers to send and receive information for bi-directional acknowledgement of your updates. Simple, discreet, and low maintenance, your transceiver sends your product information at the fastest speed on the market, in any size store. So you can make updates in real time with no unnecessary delays.

Flexible solution for different display needs

All different electronic shelf labels and displays work on the same platform. Choose the best size and display type for each area of your store.

Acuratete absoluta a preturilor la raft

That’ll be 2.99 for that2.99 bar of soap

Be 100% sure that your price labels display the correct price at the shelf edge. Eliminate manual errors, increase customer loyalty, and have complete control over your price adjustments. It’s cost-effective and easy to maintain.




Optimizati productivitatea angajatilor


Staff tied up with pricing? Set them free

Keep your operations efficient with digital price & product updates.

Better customer service

Instead of spending time checking and updating paper labels, your employees are free to help with customer enquiries, replenish stock levels and manage merchandising.

Reduce the risk of fines for incorrect prices

Prices in your database are what’s on display at the shelf edge. You’ve got more control, whether it’s for promotions or regular item prices. It just works.

Answer stock questions on the spot

Display useful sales information next to your products, such as price, product information and inventory levels. No need to search for the answers in a brochure or in the back store room.

Faster checkout lines

Remove uncertainty. Your prices at the shelf edge are the same as at the point of purchase, so there’s no discrepancy in prices and no delays while checking the price. Less customer complaints and more happy customers.

Reduce operating costs

Lower your fixed costs. No need to spend on paper and printing, and re-allocate your employees’ time to more productive activities.

Handle any amount of price changes

Update to an individual display, a section or the entire shop floor. It’s the fastest system on the market, handling up to an incredible 90 000 updates an hour.



Preturi flexibile

Raining today?
Make a special offer on umbrellas

Change prices and implement promotional prices exactly when you need.

Faster price reaction

Change prices quickly, reliably. Update your product prices and product information in-store, directly on the shelf, with no delays waiting for printing or staff to be available.

Run campaigns easily

Implement your promotional campaigns exactly as planned. No more guesswork about when the prices have been put in place, or whether your in-store prices match what’s in the latest product leaflet.

Happy-hour pricing

Your control over your prices is immediate. If there’s a happy-hour promotion for your loyal customers, your price labels will be updated exactly as you intend.

Demand-based pricing

Match your prices to your customers’ actions. Increase your prices as stock runs low, or decrease your prices if stock is not selling.

Preturi strategice

Cost of cucumbers up 0.01%? Fine tune your prices

Bundles, loyalty discounts, limited-time offers… there are many strategic pricing options to help you attract more customers and sales. Electronic labels make it easier for you to carry out your dynamic pricing strategies.

Follow supplier price changes

Follow fluctuations in suppliers’ prices so that you and your customers don’t miss out on any benefits from a change in price. No matter how small.

Optimize your prices

Attract more sales with dynamic pricing to obtain the best returns. Create targeted location- and time-specific offers. Beyond price, use the displays to indicate loyalty offers or special promotional bundles. Your price displays become an additional sales tool.

Maximize sales on perishable or seasonal items

Ensure the best balance between supply and demand. Make incremental price changes on perishable goods, and find the price your customers are happy to pay.

Real time pricing. Fast.

Implement price changes rapidly. With Pricer that’s up to 90 000 updates per hour. An amazing 7 500 updates in 5 minutes. React quicker than ever.

Access centralised price know-how

Ensure that promotions are carried out properly, with more efficient central price-setting and better control of margins.

Maximise profit

A difference of a few cents on each product quickly adds up.



Pricer - management optimizat la raft

Shelves that know how to manage space

Control the placement of every item in store. The Pricer solution keeps track of additional inventory and product information so you can intelligently manage all aspects of promotional pricing and shelf layout.

Reinforce your promotional merchandising strategies, using your digital price displays as a communications tool to maximize your sales.